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This booklet was produced by the Virginia Department of Education, in collaboration with the Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice, American Institute of Research, Washington, D.C.

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About Effective School-wide Discipline

Schools throughout Virginia are striving to ensure that schools offer a safe and effective instructional environment in which all students are successful learners. The Virginia Department of Education is working closely with education personnel to accomplish that goal by means of Effective School-wide Discipline (ESD).

As part of that effort Effective School-wide Discipline supports priority projects throughout the Commonwealth and works in a collaborative partnership with Virginia Department of Education Training and Technical Assistance Centers. The ESD project is headquartered at Old Dominion University (ODU) in Norfolk, Virginia, with ODU serving as the fiscal agent and providing logistical support and resources.

The major purpose of Effective School-wide Discipline is to build the capacity of schools to develop, implement, and sustain School-wide, classroom-level, and pupil-specific research supported strategies and procedures. In introducing Effective School-wide Discipline, administers, general educators, special educators, and support personnelóalong with school staff, are able to increase educational achievement and promote social skills that allow students to access academic content. At the same time, Effective School-wide Discipline decreases or eliminates the vast majority of behavior problems that impede the teaching and learning process.

School personnel spend less time on discipline and more time on instruction. With Effective School-wide Discipline, schools throughout VA are able to incorporate a Response-to-Intervention approach so that education personnel are highly qualified to respond positively to every student by matching the level and intensity of intervention to each studentís academic and social skills needs.

Regions Utilizing Effective School-wide Discipline